Barbary Falcon



Adult female Barbary falcon in flying pose with artificial cliff backdrop. Can have a glass display case top added for a small charge . complete with valid a10 licence .

Rusty Barred owl

rusty barred


Rusty barred owl on driftwood branch,  these owls are extremely scarce in the UK and don’t come up very often

Red Naped Shaheen



Adult Female genuine Red Naped Shaheen in stunning plumage With a valid A10 licence

Mandarin Drake



Adult male Mandarin duck showing the beautiful colours of this magnificent duck, set on driftwood and finished with a polished wooden base.


Pair of blackcaps

Price £220

( guest item )Pair of adult blackcaps ,finished in a glass dome measuring 15 x 7 inches. Old specimens but in fantastic condition Collection preferred due to glass dome but will post at buyers risk.


Icelandic Gyrfalcon

Price £320

Immature plumage pure Icelandic Gyr falcon mounted onto artificial rock . Complete with valid a10 licence  Price includes UK postage


Montagu’s Harrier

Price £420
Description   ( guest item) Victoriam Montagu’s harrier .  this harrier was re-cased by T Armistead and bears full details on the reverse of the picture frame case  .Collection preferred due to glass case


Roe deer scull

Euro mount Roe deer scull on wooden shield
Price £55 including postage