About Me

I have had an interest in all types of wildlife for as long as I can recall and have a particular interest in birds of prey and Falconry.I believe that a piece of taxidermy that is both anatomically accurate and lifelike cannot be reproduced without a....

Taxidermy : The Law

The law relating to Buying selling and being in possession of specimens be it mounted or dead can be a little confusing. If you find any wild animal that you think you may want preserved you must satisfy yourself that the specimen was not illegally killed.

Items For Sale

we have current items ready for dispatch and also a section where we list items that are currently in the freezer ready for me to work on that can be pre-ordered and mounted to your requirements

Gallery of past work

Please note that these specimens are no longer available for sale and are examples of previous work  but if there is something in particular that you like I could possibly re-create a similar mount.

Telephone inquiries 07790831987