Care and Procedures

Care of a fresh specimen

A finished specimen can be greatly affected by the way it was handled when found and in some cases can be completely ruined by poor handling and storage. By following a few simple guidelines you can help the taxidermist produce a pleasing well-prepared mount.

After assuring yourself that the specimen was not illegally killed any blood should if possible, be wiped from the fur or feathers before it has chance to dry and stain.

Next place the specimen in a plastic bag and expel as much air as possible, any extremities like beaks legs etc should be folded close to the body to prevent damage while frozen.

Seal the bag tightly and freeze immediately. If it is going to be some time before you can freeze the specimen wrap it in newspaper or similar and place in a cool place. When you are able to freeze it remove the paper and put it in a plastic bag as described

Care of the mounted specimen

A well-prepared specimen will last many years if properly cared for and handled. Obviously a specimen enclosed in a display case of some description will benefit from the extra protection.

Try to avoid touching or stroking the mounted specimen as the natural oils in your fingers will quickly be transferred to the fur or feathers.

Mounted specimens should not be exposed to bright sunlight, as this will cause fading of the delicate pigments of the fur or feathers. Periodic gentle dusting with fine dry cotton wool in the direction of the fur or feathers should be adequate to remove the accumulated dust.

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I have had an interest in all types of wildlife for as long as I can recall and have a particular interest in birds of prey and Falconry.I believe that a piece of taxidermy that is both anatomically accurate and lifelike cannot be reproduced without a....

Taxidermy : The Law

The law relating to Buying selling and being in possession of specimens be it mounted or dead can be a little confusing. If you find any wild animal that you think you may want preserved you must satisfy yourself that the specimen was not illegally killed.

Items For Sale

we have current items ready for dispatch and also a section where we list items that are currently in the freezer ready for me to work on that can be pre-ordered and mounted to your requirements

Gallery of past work

Please note that these specimens are no longer available for sale and are examples of previous work  but if there is something in particular that you like I could possibly re-create a similar mount.