About Me

I have had an interest in all types of wildlife for as long as I can recall and have a particular interest in birds of prey and Falconry.

In 1991 I was introduced to Don Sharp from Woolaton hall natural history museum in Nottingham.

Don was one of the Founder members of the Guild of taxidermists and a much respected taxidermist and naturalist. I was invited over to spend some time training under Don and learnt a lot from my time with him.

In 1999 I was made redundant from British steel and grasped the opportunity to go into taxidermy as a full time profession . I am constantly striving to produce lifelike specimens and use the latest materials to help me achieve this. My aim is always to produce specimens that are pleasing to look at , affordable and will last for many years to come .I believe that a piece of taxidermy that is both anatomically accurate and lifelike cannot be reproduced without a knowledge and genuine interest in studying the living creature.