Gyr lanner2019

About Me

I have had an interest in all types of wildlife for as long as I can recall and have a particular interest in birds of prey and Falconry.

I believe that a piece of taxidermy that is both anatomically accurate and lifelike cannot be reproduced without a knowledge and genuine interest in studying the living creature.

In 1991 I was fortunate to meet Don Sharp from Woolaton hall natural history museum in Nottingham.

Don was one of the Founder members of the Guild of taxidermists and a much respected taxidermist and naturalist. I was invited over to spend some time training under Don and learnt a lot from my time with him.

Sadly Don passed away in May 2004 but his aims to improve the quality of UK taxidermy still continue to be the purpose behind The Guild of taxidermists. Membership of the guild has helped to significantly increase the quality of my work through their seminars and conferences and would recommend anyone with an interest in taxidermy to contact them

I have been a full time Taxidermist since 1999. I am constantly striving to produce lifelike specimens and  use the latest materials to help me achieve this. My aim is always to  produce  specimens that are anatomically correct , pleasing to look at , affordable and will last for many years to come .


I also make Bespoke glass display cases to compliment your specimens if required